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A fable is a poetic story composed in verse or prose with a moral summed up at the end.  Usually using animals as characters to teach a valuable lesson.

Most commonly found example of fables are the Aesop's Fables, but here are two poetic examples.

Example #1:
A Grain of Salt
While me irish eyes be smilin`
I be here to tell me story,
Those blyme things that me hates most
not one is in me glory.
Once me was an usher
for a very special settin`
Would not have minded half so much
but it was ME weddin`, that was upsettin`
Me wife insists, and has me wear
those scratchy three piece suits,
If truth be known, me`d rather own
green pants, green hat and boots.
Around me neck a noose of sorts
a tie from me graduation,
Me feels like someone`s got me throat
the fear of strangulation.
Oh judge me not, don`t take me wrong
me wife, me loves most sweetly,
When I get back from work at night
the home is picked up neatly.
She pulls me shoes off when I ask
and helps me light me pipe,
She brings in Shamrock blooms each day
so me really shouldn`t gripe.
It matters not the little things
that push us up the wall,
If one has patience, love and trust
may the flaws we bare be small.
To ease the creases from thy brow
put aside each nagging fault,
And heed this moral to the end
take only with a grain of salt.
Copyright 2003 Sally Ann Roberts

Example #2:
the little flea
i spied a little flea
jumping here and there
i turned green with envy
despite it had no hair
this flea was free
to go where it desired
and me, i had no strength
Lord i was so tired
he hopped into a patch
of St. Patrick's clover
that's when i realized
his little life was over
he jumped onto a dog
playing in the patch
on the dog was a collar
no flea could live or hatch
be careful where you jump
that hop may be your last
don't envy little green fleas
your future's not your past
Copyright 2003 Terri Anthony