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‘Sensible Nonsense’

Sensible Nonsense

1.   There was an Anglo called Joe
     Who sang till his throat was sore,
     So he bit a flaming match
     And sent it down the hatch,
     Now his throat is sore no more.

2.  His mouth turned gritty
    whenever he composed a ditty
    for his Anglo girl in Cal,
    who his friends called Sal
    and said she was far from pretty.

3.  Cal is covered with grime
    which is a result of the Clime,
    so whenever Sam starts to mope
    he uses a bucket of soap
    to clean up the slime.

4.  There was Mike from Angloland
    who filled a bucket with sand,
    then he sent out a tune
    a little too soon
    now he has his own brass band.

5.  It was destiny and Fate
    the Anglos had their own State,
    the Chief Minister carried a bag
    and married an old hag
    now they rule from the State gate.

6.  Boy!Boy! roti lao
    Chicken curry and pulao,
    Bring out the silver spoon
    From my Aunty June
    And let us put down the chow.

7.  Let us have a talk
    as I use the spoon and fork
    "I want to eat some vindaloo
    prawn curry and tampradu,"
    as we talk the talk, while we walk the walk.

8.  There was an Anglo painter called Jude
    who was so awfully rude
    but when he went abroad
    he found a happy God
    now he only paints in the nude.

9.  There was an Anglo mechanic named Peter
    who rode on an electric heater
    but when he immigrated to Spain
    he lived only on sugarcane
    and married a cotton beater.

10. There was an Anglo girl down the lane
    everyone around called her naughty Jane
    but, it wasn't long before the people
    ran up the Church steeple
    as she drove the locality insane.