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Bryndon House
5/7 Berry Road
Newquay, Cornwall
England TR7 1AD


Writers and poets join ticket2write for many reasons, including online contact with other writers and access to news and information. Most submit writing samples to be reviewed by their peers and return the favor, offering constructive comments to help fellow writers. The comon goal of all ticket2write Although most ticket2write members are writers, poets and editors and publishers, membership in ticket2write , like most other Yahoo Clubs, is open to everyone. There are no dues, fees or charges involved. The sale of a writer's product or services through contacts made at ticket2write are to be negotiated independently of the club. ticket2write does not endorse or recomend agents or other parties engaged in business with writers. In all such matters, please use your own discretion or seek the advice of a professional.

It should be noted that as a community of professional writers and professionals in the publishing industry, there will be a certain amout of free enterprise practiced among members of ticket2write, and that is encouraged. Members are free to post links at the ticket2write club website at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/ticket2write and within messages that they post at that site, including links to their own websites which may or may not offer goods or services for sale. We recognize that your writing has value, and marketing that writing is an acceptable activity. After all, the object of your participation in ticket2write is to have your work published.

Members are welcome to contribute information to be included in this newsletter. Please submit your ideas, tips, notices, articles and interviews to any of the founders listed on the ticket2write membership list.

Special Offer from Our Sponsor

The Directors of ticket2write Ltd., which is a commercial enterprise which shares both a name and fundamental goal with the ticket2write club at Yahoo, has made a special offer to our members, as noted in this memo which was sent us on May 16th:

Have this ticket2write on us!

Now is the time for ticket2write Ltd. to move up into a league of its own! We think this offer will help Yahoo ticket2write Club members do the same. Are you ready for this? This is it:

From now until August 31st 2001, ticket2write Ltd. will accept all submissions from Yahoo ticket2write Club members (which meet the criteria of our readers panel) completely free of charge!

All we ask in return is that each submission is accompanied by at least two reviews for other material placed on our commercial site (not the club site). This would clearly improve the feedback on writers' efforts, perhaps yours too!

We believe this offer will enable our ticket2write.com site to use its advertising resources to the full and, more importantly, provide a useful kick-start for our Yahoo Club members.

For details of how to submit material please visit our commercial web site at: http://www.ticket2write.com or use the submission form below.

Kind regards, atc781 and wings081.

We welcome all questions and comments
Drop us a line, and we will try to help.

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