Submission Guidelines

The editor and staff of ticket2write encourage participation by a wide variety of writers, poets and artists to present a journal of the cutting edge in the evolving culture of the 21st Century. If you share our vision of taste, humor and observation of the world around you, please contact us.


1. Send a query or a few short pieces, or one longer one to the editor at the link provided below.

2. Priovde a brief biography which includes your name as you would like it to appear and the city, state and country in which you live.

3. Include text of stories, articles or poems and bio into the body of an e-mail. No attachments, please.

4. All work remains the property of the writer/poet/artist/photographer, and copyrights are vested in them.

5. Previously published material, if not published elsewhere on the internet other than on the personal website of the contributor, is acceptable.

6. Submissions not used in the next issue will be retained for consideration for future issues.

To submit, or for more information, please contact:


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