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‘A Collection of Poems’

A Collection of Poetry

The Measure of a Man

what is the measure of a man
pockets full of gold
what we grasp with empty hands
a truth that's never told

mingled with the taste
of the bible and our spit
is a deep sense of hollowed waste
and the smell of righteous shit

darkly hidden by the words
below the preaching voice
what no one dares disturb
the slumber of lost choice

underneath the surface
of a practiced soul disguise
motives bound to curse us
a veil of holy lies

what is the measure of a man
what he does or doesn't earn
strike the match with vengeful hand
and we'll watch the conscience burn

Many Faces i'm the king of disease a broken god on bended knees i own most of nothing with the need to worship something i'm a journeyman without rest on the road of a salvaged quest an earthly traveler without dreams an angel of the sky with broken wings i'm a soul with many faces without a home in many places a brother to everyone in this life yet a lonesome child in terms of strife i'm a heart of many colors a bank of greed without the dollars a soldier who hates his gun a fugitive of pain who's always on the run i'm a son of rebellious nature a father of pride and stature a lost sinner cast from heaven the losing gambler without a seven i'm the worn picture of a weathered man the richest of men who holds nothing in his hand i'm the songs of life that speak softly to your ear i'm everything you hate and all you hold most dear i am nothing without you just a blind man with perfect view the boy inside who's to afraid to be a man who cannot cross the roads without a helping hand i'm an empty vessel with a longing to be filled a cup of foolish pride-always broken yet never spilled i'm a portrait of time-future, present, past the land of new beginnings with opportunity vast i am the majesty of living the gift that continues giving i'm what allows your very breath yet a powerless coward who moans the thought of death i am infinity and the end the dust of life still blowing in the wind i am all that God has made and all he's thrown away anything you need is what i'll be today

An Open Letter to God why do we suffer is it part of your plan when the little ones cry does the sound reach your ears how can we approach you you seem so distant, even unreal we witness your splendor still you are silent created in your image surely we fail the likeness why is it we war and kill often in proclomation of you in the ocean of faith we are a shallow stream but you hold a measure of responsibility creation demands a fathers guidance grant us some answers some semblance of acceptance threatening to self destruct where is your all-healing cure we scream out your name until our voices are mute you appear so indifferent from high on your throne we're given a book supposing your will yet what is the truth when man pens the word so much to learn though time can't decipher why won't you listen perhaps i can't hear life is so fragile it seems a humble request for you to enlighten the fold our chance at earthly salvation we petition you now to profer some peace we beg your intercession redemption is yours

Lady Everclear steadfast yet anxious sweat against skin afraid of her sanctions of where her neck has been unholy yet sacred blinded by eyes can't see through her hatred her veil of purposed lies loyal yet divided moved by her grace she comes uninvited inside my secret place proud yet ashamed cooled by her touch my passions enflamed by the soft feel of her crutch empty yet full need verses want i feel the incessant pull she is the liquid that haunts