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ĎThe Silver Eelí

The Silver Eel

The small boy leant low over the river. Suspended by divine connections, he Peered into the clean, clear world of water To see the life within and what it held While the willows sighed and wept, the boy could See below, an eel of furtive yellow Slipping through the reeds. In fear, it seemed to Speak to him of mysteries all around.

The river ran away their years of youth. Then the yellow eel underwent a change. Itís back came blazing forth in bronze barred black. Itís belly turned to silver. Itís slim snout Sharpened. Larger eyes could see more clearly. But the boy had changed as well, in battle With the landlocked serpent by the exit To a garden he was soon to leave for life.

The eel, now bold in silver raiment ruled. Eventually came Autumn. In midnight Storms the eel followed the pull of the sea To put itís power in the ocean pit. The tide of change swept the young man along To grow in conflict in the cities. All Was turbulence and motion constantly In waves of tension as one sank or swam.

Lastly, the long voyage almost over, The silver eel rode on conquering currents To rest in the glory of tropical waters. These seemed like heaven to the silver eel.

At last, he, too, made ready to depart As surging tidal forces left his heart. Lifeís long journey finished, he, too, did home To heavenís joy, just like the silver eel.